CDN & Cloud Security


Performance, Reliability & Security

Data security and a high transmission speed are essential for the web offers of globally operating companies. By using a Content Delivery Network (CDN), the transmission of large amounts of data and streams becomes faster, more secure and more stable than via conventional Internet connections.

  • Latency Reduction
  • Advanced Caching
  • DDoS Protection
  • Bot Management
  • Web Application Firewall

When faced with long website loading times, your clients are becoming increasingly impatient, especially on mobile devices. Abandoned carts and reduced customer satisfaction are measurable consequences, leading to missed irevenue and business opportunities. The challenge of rich content and limited network performance, makes it hard to optimize speed for a global audience. Enhanced Web Performance proposed by modern Content Delivery Networks provides the most effective solution to your business needs.

Performance is vital, but security is even more important. In the light of new emerging security threats, existing ones are evolving and becomes more aggressive. As the attack surface is widening, modern DDoS attacks can reach frightening levels that cannot be handled by existing data centers.

Best-of-bread Cloud Security solutions protect your entire infrastructure, from the core to the cloud and the edge. Averting threats and attacks - no matter where they occur.

Expertise in designing, building and operating mission-critical IT infrastructures

We spent the last 10+ years designing, building & operating business critical IT infrastructures in regulated environments. Our continuously evolving expertise, combined with innovative in-house solutions and a carefully handpicked network of partners creates the foundation that allows us to guide you in your journey towards the modern IT you need.

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