Elastic Infrastructure


Beyond "Moving to the Cloud"

Start managing your infrastructure in an automated & reproducible manner. Leverage containers to break your dev/ops silos and improve your release process. The Ducks will help you make your infrastructure fly.

  • Container Orchestration
  • Infrastructure as Code
  • Config Management/Ansible
  • Hashicorp Product Suite
  • Dev(Sec)Ops

Organizations are exposed to tougher competition and ever decreasing margins, leading to decisions to streamline and consolidate all aspects of its business. This pressure pushes companies to use cloud technologies and elastic thinking to solve strategic problems, build new revenue streams and rationalize costs. Moving toward a cloud native approach can help you realize these benefits quicker.

While cloud native adoption is complex, it also challenges the current ways of working and requires a new way of thinking.

This includes making existing infrastructure work with entirely new architectural methodologies, new ways to deploy, monitor and operate environments, and even new technologies such as containers or serverless applications.

As organizations pursue these goals, they need more than just support. They need help understanding how to scale their IT organization in an agile world, and how to build cloud expertise within their teams. This requires a fundamental shift in the relationship between the customer and the managed cloud provider.

Expertise in designing, building and operating mission-critical IT infrastructures

We spent the last 10+ years designing, building & operating business critical IT infrastructures in regulated environments. Our continuously evolving expertise, combined with innovative in-house solutions and a carefully handpicked network of partners creates the foundation that allows us to guide you in your journey towards the modern IT you need.

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